The Story of a Girl

This life, the one you are granted a peak into is nothing more than words in cyberspace. To be honest, it could be believed of as a waste of time. None the less, I am here. Writing my heart out. Content on nobody reading this.


           fall out Boy

      imagine drAgons

         twenty oNe pilots


sleeping with Sirens

      american Authors


            my chEmical romance

                the White stripes

             cage tHe elephant

   arctic monkeYs

                  panIc! at the disco


                      gReen day

                the nEighbourhood

                      bAd suns

                walk The moon

   bring me the Horizon

       the black kEys

bands are why i breathe


Photocred to jesialexphotography


cardiac arrest || bad suns

high voltage in her lips
they catch me when i slip


Unfortunately the paper wasn’t big enough to put all the bands I wanted…


I fell in love in a dream, but I can’t remember your face

Take me for a test drive

Chew me up, spit me out

I don’t need your pat on the back, no